Feeders for Lovebirds

Who doesn't love Rosy-faced Lovebirds (aka Peach-faced). They thrive in pockets around Scottsdale and Mesa. They love to eat shelled peanuts, papaya, black-oil sunflower, and seed cylinders.

Mesh Feeder with Shelled Peanuts and Papaya

Try mixing shelled peanuts and papaya pieces together in this mesh cylinder. The spaces are just large for a Lovebird bill. Only clinging birds can eat from mesh cylinders. Doves and pigeons will be left on the ground.

WBU EcoClean® Mesh Peanut Feeder

Shelled Peanuts

Papaya Pieces


Seed Cylinder Feeder with Seed Cylinder

Customers cannot stop talking about how much Lovebirds LOVE seed cylinders. Supreme Fare Cylinders are packed with pecans, peanuts, black oil and sunflower chips. Cranberry Fare has all that plus safflower and cranberry. You won't just attract Lovebirds with these cylinders; Cardinals love them too!

Lovebirds on Cylinder (Photo credit: Mike & Sandy Horsman)

Decorative Seed Cylinder Feeder

Tidy Cylinder Feeder

Cranberry Fare Seed Cylinder


Seed Tube Feeder with Black Oil Sunflower or No-Mess Sunflower Chips

Lovebirds love Black Oil Sunflower! Our Seed Tube Feeders allow Lovebirds to eat one of their favorite seeds and discourage large birds from being able to perch. The optional cage makes it even harder with its 2-inch mesh openings. This way your Lovebirds can have a bite to eat without larger birds dominating the feeder.

Seed Tube Feeder (6-port) with Cage (optional) (Photo credit: Brenda Curin)

Black Oil Sunflower Seed

No-Mess Sunflower Chips